Restricted & Banned
for Export from Nepal

Products of Religious Importance
Wild animals
Marijuana, opium, hashish
Log and Timber

Documentation Required
for Export Clearance

1. Customs Declaration Form.
2. Packing List.
3. Certificate of Origin.
4. GSP Certificate if applicable.

Documentation Required
for Import Clearance

1. Import declaration form.
2. Air way bill.
3. Performa Invoice.
4. Packing list.

About GPM


GPM cargo was founded in 2005, with the aim of providing information services for importers, exporters and all concerns related to global integrated cargo transportation and custom logistics. Our services include international air freight, ocean freight and surface freight forwarding, customs brokerage and other value added service for the international movement of goods.

Our motto is providing customers with reliable responsive and cost effective service. We are committed to serve our valuable customers with integrated logistics solutions from generation of purchase order to delivery almost any where in the world. We continue to develop innovative new services that enhance our leadership in integrated transport and customs logistics. .